How To Unlock Story Mode In Pixel Car Racer

How To Unlock Story Mode In Pixel Car Racer

We have hundreds, if not thousands of car race games in the market today. For that reason, you must take your time before choosing which among all these is worth trying and investing in. At the same time, you might not risk your phone to download something that you are not sure of or something that will not be of help to you. 

 Apart from the gamer making a wise decision when choosing the right game, the developers of these games also have a task. Their task is ensuring that their games are up to date, and they are always a step ahead of their competitors. This is no different from the  Pixel Car Racer game. The Studio Furukawa, who is the developer of the game, has also been working things out to ensure they also remain on top of things. 

Pixel Car Racer has remained one of the best and most famous car racer games in the market today. The fact that this game comes with an old theme but with extensive fun-experience is one thing that drives its fans crazy. You would never turn it down the moment you have an experience of what it is. 

However, this is not enough, as we all know; we easily get bored doing the same thing over and over again. This is the reason why Pixel Car Racer developers decided to come up with a way o upgrading it to make it better. The introduction of story mode was an idea that was considered, and the icon was added to the game, but it was inactive. 

People’s view of the story mode

Although many people embrace the introduction of the story mode as a perfect idea, some people are against it. For those who are fighting the idea, they feel the game will no longer be considered a racer game once the new model is introduced. 

The developers have confessed to having received many concerns about the story mode and when it is set to start. However, they admitted that they had overlooked the immense responsibility that comes with starting the story mode. Therefore, the icon was introduced, but it has remained locked to date. But, this doesn’t mean that things are going to remain this way for long. Studio Furukawa has given their word to their fans that they are working on it, and the story mode will be released very soon. 


After they were unable to start the story mode, they decided to introduce Pixel Trucks as compensation. Although the story mode failed to start, they were able to attract the attention of many gamers. The good thing, the gamers have remained part of the game to date with hopes of receiving the upgrade soonest possible. 

No developer would enjoy lying to their clients and, in this case, with their fans. Therefore, since Studio Furukawa has promised an upgrade to their engine to accommodate the story mode, we should be patient and give them time. 

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