How To Play Pixel Car Racer

How to play pixel car racer

Just as the name suggests, Pixel Car Racer Game is a car racing game that can be enjoyed by both young and old. To keep the relevance of the game, the developers have been busy with upgrading the game every now and then. For you can learn how to play the Pixel Car Racer game, you need to understand that there are three difficulties for the player to choose from in the game. These modes are:

1. Beginner 

The beginner level is the easiest mode in the game as it is meant to help the player understand the game and get acquainted with it. This mode is much easier to play, just as you would expect. All that the player needs to do is to heat the tires, which is done by pressing the accelerator as well as doing a burnout. 

After the burnout is done, your car will be staged, which means it is time for you to prepare yourself for the race. You, however, need not worry, as there will be a ‘get ready to start sign’ to alert you that the game is about to start. After the signal disappears, there’s a 2.5-second count before the stager light up. You will need to wait until the lights are green before accelerating to launch your car. 

2. Amateur 

There is a lot of similarity between the amateur and the beginner mode except that you are required to shift Up and Down gears. This is done using the + and – buttons. The other difference is that the Amateur mode qualifies you for 33% extra cash compared to what you receive in the beginner mode. 

3. Expert 

Once you are through with the amateur mode, you are qualified for the third mode, which is known as the ‘Expert Mode’. Just as you would expect, this mode is a bit difficult than the first two, and more is expected from the player. Unlike the first two, the third stage starts away from the line, and you must drive for some time to get to the line and before the stager light comes on. You will then be able to rev the engine, which is done by pressing the accelerator and the Clutch once you get to the line. Things get better in the expert mode as the gamer is awarded 66% extra cash compared to what they receive in the amateur model. 

If you want to launch the car, you will be expected to hold the accelerator down and let go of the Clutch. Changing the gears calls for pressing and holding the Clutch, pressing the gear button Up or Down, then letting go of the Clutch. Although it is not a must, you can as well hold the accelerator down during the gear-changing process. 


The above is the standard lessons that one needs to learn when getting to the pixel car racer game. Once you are an expert in this, you can go to the tournament stage, and the list of what you can be able to do will be endless.