Pixel Car Racer Hack 2020 – Unlimited Diamond & Cash

Pixel Car Racer Hack

Gaming is becoming part of our everyday lives. There is no other better and more productive way of spending your free time than playing your favorite online games. People have great choices to make according to their different interests. There is multiple car racing games online that you can enjoy. 

One of the chosen car racing games is the pixel car racer. But before we tell you on which hack works better for the Pixel Car Racing game, we will give you a simple definition of the same. This is a car racing game that operates on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Pixel Car Racer Hack is known as an arcade-style retro game that has been able to integrate an RPG sandbox experience. This means this is not a choice for people who are not ready for a game that will require much of your time and attention. In other words, this is not the best choice for people who want quick and simple thrills. 

The Pixel Car Racer game might be referred to as old-school design, but it is in-depth and mind-blowing. This car gives you over 50 cars and 1000s of car parts to work with like; dyno tuning, “RPG-style” tuning, a realistic engine system, etc. 

How do you win races using Pixel Car Racer Hack?

The next question many people ask is how to win car races in this game. They are always looking forward to being able to collect more cars and upgrade the present cars to make them competitive. In this article, we shall give you all the questions you might have about being a pro in this car racing game. 

We are going to give you tips and tricks that cover everything that game would want to understand this car racing game. It will make you a pro within a short time, whether you are a first-timer or a veteran. 

What are the primary game modes?

In Pixel Car Racer Hack, you are provided with two primary game modes to choose from. The two are street racing and drag racing. In Drag Mode, the gamer concentrates on driving in a straight lane and winning races just as it is expected of you in an average real-life drag race. 

This game is very simple and straightforward when it comes to the Drag mode. However, when it comes to the Street mode, it might be a bit different. In the street mode, you’re expected to avoid cars and change lanes, which call for tilting your device right or left now and then. This will be determined by what you are avoiding and where it is located. 

When playing in the street mode, you must avoid hitting another car as it will result in losing speed. Therefore, you need to practice the tilting mechanic if you have to survive longer in this mode. There are several sub-modes that you must figure out in this game for you to become a pro. Some of these sub-modes include; 

1. Capture The Flag Mode:

Just as the name suggests, CTF or Capture the Flag mode calls for the player to keep on holding the flag for the longest time possible. If another gamer comes and bumps you from behind, they get the flag. This means that you need o to maintain a consistent speed in this mode to ensure no car comes close to you. 

If, by any bad luck, the flag is captured from you, don’t reduce the speed. Continue following the checkered flag icon and catch up with the one bearing the flag. Once you get hold of them, recapture the flag and run with it. 

2. The Dyno:

Dyno makes it easy for the gamer to identify the shift points that will be best for your car. Just like a normal car, your car’s horsepower and torque will, at some point, either peak or plateau. Therefore it is important to check the RPM figure where the two levels off. This should become your shifting point as long as you intend to improve your racing time and win as many races as possible. 

The torque and horsepower figures level off at the same point. This means figuring out the level point in the dyno should not be a problem at all. 

3. Getting free cash using Pixel Car Racer Hack:

Purchasing new cars or upgrading the existing ones calls for enough cash. However, this can be made more accessible by the developers of the game. Gamers can be able to earn a reward of up to $15,000 worth of cash free of charge. It is therefore advisable to keep on checking the in-app store every now and then. 

When you find the option of earning the free cash, all that you’ll be expected to do is to watch an advertisement video to earn the cash. The more videos you watch, the more cash you’ll be able to win. The more cash you have, the more spare parts you’ll be able to buy. At the same time, you’ll be able to buy better cars in case you want to upgrade to a better model.

4. Dealing with gear ratios:

When playing the Pixel Car Racer Hack game, it is possible to adjust the gear ratios to match your preference. Although we always advise gamers not to tamper with your gears if it is possible. Leaving them at their default ratios makes it easier to operate the system. 

There is, however, an exception to this rule. This is when the car you are driving is faster, and the race type you are dealing with is different from the ordinary. If you are dealing with mile races, it demands longer gear ratios than what is used on quarter-mile races. However, you should be very careful not to tweak the gear ratios too much. Making drastic changes might give you a slower-than-usual vehicle, which would be the last thing you’d want. Make subtle changes, and only do them when need be. 

5. Doing a burnout:

Doing burnouts is another essential skill needed in Pixel Car Racer Hack, but it also one of the challenging tasks you’ll need to learn. You should count yourself lucky because we have managed to get a few tips that will make this easy for you. All we need is to be a little bit patient and follow this step by step. 

The first step is shifting to reverse, then back up the car a bit, and don’t forget to hold the clutch. The next thing is to rev up the engine to be able to hit the red line. Once you’ve done this, release your clutch and immediately hold the brake. Ensure your foot is placed on your gas pedal to enable you to hit up the tires. Burning up the tires will be easier once you’ve built up more power. 

6. Tips of using your Nitrous:

Just like any other racing game, you would never expect the great Pixel Car Racer not to allow you to use nitrous oxide in your racing. Nitrous will be needed for use in different types of races. Trying to race without nitrous oxide will lose in more races than you win. This becomes even more challenging when the vehicles you are competing against are faster cars. This will also come in handy when you are dealing with cars with lower horsepower ratings and key stats. 

You will use the Nitrous depending on the kind of competition you are getting yourself into. Nitrous is able to auto-regenerate especially when you are in a street race circuit competition. However, when you are competing in Drag mode, the regeneration will be experienced after the race is over. This means, when you are competing in the drag race circuit, prudence with the Nitrous is of importance. 

If you are not an expert in this game, the timing of using your Nitrous might be tricky. However, our advice to you is to activate it immediately after hitting the second gear. This will give you a nice burst when it comes to speed that makes shifting to the next gear much easier. However, some experts choose to hit the Nitrous right after getting to the third gear. 


Once you understand how the Pixel Car Racer Hack, you will also know many other tricks of making this game more interesting. Getting a car that suits your expectations is very important in winning the game. Therefore, once you gather enough resources to get a new car, don’t hesitate to buy one. Depending on the level you are in and the competition you are getting into, choose a car with the right weight, grip, speed, and power. 

Most of the time, speed and power go together. If you have a car that is fast but not strong, you’ll easily be thrown off by the other power ranking vehicles. Therefore, a more reliable car would be much better than a fast car. This is because, even if a stronger car is hit, it will still be able to stand the pressure and will not lose the momentum.